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We believe that life is a journey.  We celebrate that we do not have to manage or endure life on our own. We believe that when we grow in our relationships with God and people we will be better at life and life will simply be better!  As such, we welcome you to journey and grow with us!


If you would like to connect with us in meaningful ways these are your next steps:

1. Connect with us.  Fill out the form below.  We would be honoured to meet you, pray for you, or listen to you.

2. Attend our CONNECTION CLASS that is hosted after church on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  We'll explore how we function as a church family, hear your questions, and hopefully inspire you to join us in following Jesus.

3. Join a GROWTH GROUP and widen you relational connections and understanding of life.  We believe that GROWTH GROUPS make us all better at life and they make life better too!  Check out the GROWTH GROUPS that are currently available by CLICKING HERE

4. Discover Your Life Purpose or Ministry.  We will do our best to equip and inspire you to follow Jesus in a way that makes an impact in this world.  We believe that we are not to feel overwhelmed by the trials of life but to partner together to help each other and our wider community be better at life.  We all have a role to play.

CONNECT with Us!

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